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Our Story

Connected through a medical internship, the co-founders of Missions Through Music first met in the summer of 2020. Tammy was inspired by the numerous medical workshops and shadowing calls that she attended, to take her work and research outside of the program to create a lasting impact on her community.


While shadowing a nurse, she expressed her ideas of starting a passion project of sorts, and the nurse suggested incorporating her long-time passions into the project. Tammy immediately thought of music, as she had been immersed in it ever since she could remember. She then reached out to Michayla, whom she bonded with through their shared passion for music and medicine. Tammy had observed that she was very intelligent and incredibly insightful through their time together in the internship, so thinking that Michayla would be the perfect partner in this endeavor, she pitched her the idea.


Michayla agreed enthusiastically and the two had conducted a great deal of research over a few weeks, before coming across cystic fibrosis. They were immediately drawn in by the economic inequity and lack of awareness that surrounded the disease. Delving further into the topic, the pair realized the severity of CF and the extent to which funding was greatly needed to advance treatments and research for potential cures.


Feeling extremely moved by the stories of those affected by cystic fibrosis, Tammy and Michayla decided to center their project around CF, and raising awareness and funding for the disease through the power of music and performance. 

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